R&B star Kehlani had no intention of trying to "shame" other mums while gushing about welcoming her daughter in the comfort of her own home.

The Nunya singer welcomed a baby girl, named Adeya, over the weekend (23-24Mar19), and took to Instagram on Monday (25Mar19) to share the news about her newborn.

"this weekend our angel arrived healthy & perfect in every way in our bathroom at home," she captioned an image of a baby blanket.

"The unmedicated homebirth was the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing i've ever done. thankful beyond words. in love beyond comparison."

Most followers online were thrilled but some felt the new mum's post about her home birth was an affront, and they criticised the 23 year old for appearing to suggest that she had a superior birth.

But the singer insists that wasn't what she meant.

"all birth is extremely hard and transformative," she tweeted on Tuesday. "homebirth is a medical decision as is hospital birth, all birth is mind blowing & powerful. using my experience to shame another's isnt what i want, power to anyone who brings life forth, it's a next level journey whichever way (sic)."

Little Adeya is Kehlani's first child with her partner, guitarist Javie Young-White, who also took to social media to celebrate his daughter's arrival.

"Adeya is here," he wrote on Instagram. "Kehlani birthed her, standing up, right into my arms. In that moment, all the indisputable pulls of intuition, random bellows of clarity, & ear-splitting life lessons I've received in recent years made more sense than i've ever needed. We came face to face with beauty. arm in arm with God."

"It's a blessing to have purpose within such a healthy, willful family," Javie concluded. "We'll be spending the next few weeks resting & falling deeper in love with each other. Thank you to all of you sending uplifting & expansive energy our way, not a drop goes wasted".