Troye Sivan stays relevant by being true to himself.

The South African-born Australian star has had a mammoth 2018, which has seen him release his second album Bloom, team up with Ariana Grande and Charlie XCX and land a part in critically acclaimed drama Boy Erased.

Talking to British GQ about his burgeoning career, the 23-year-old divulged how he plans to stay successful.

“I have this theory: The only way to stay relevant is if you stay true. If you're making something you genuinely love all the time, hopefully, surely, somebody out there is gonna love it, too,” he shared.

In Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased, about gay conversion therapy, Troye stars alongside Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

Filming took its toll on the openly gay star though, who admits he was relieved to go back to normal life once the movie wrapped.

“It started to feel really isolated from the rest of the world, All day, every day, all we heard was this negative rhetoric about LGBTQ people,” he sighed. “So it started to feel very real after a while.

“I remember feeling so relieved to go back to my life, which feels almost comically gay now: I got to make this super-gay album, and shoot these music videos, and live with my boyfriend (Jacob Bixenman in) L.A., and get coffee in West Hollywood every morning.”

Boy Erased began hitting cinemas in November (18), and gets its U.K. release in February.