Lily Allen has hit back after Richard Ashcroft said that musicians shouldn't be political.

The former The Verve frontman vented his disapproval of singers who take on bigger issues in a recent interview, when he stated that such artists should "stop making speeches" and "go back and entertain the world".

But as she spoke to In The Bathroom, Lily blasted Richard, insisting that he only said what he did because he's in a position to do so.

"I was watching an interview with Richard Ashcroft the other day when he was talking about wishing musicians would just shut up and get on with what they're meant to do, which is music and not get involved with like social issues, social commentary and politics, because it's got nothing to do with it," the Smile singer mused. "And it's just like, that's all very well for you to say Richard Ashcroft, you're a middle-aged really successful white person, who won't have to have gone through a lot of the things I or indeed many other girls would have to have gone through.

"The treatment of women in the press is political, it's almost on the front line of women's issues because the way we read about women in tabloids and popular culture is how we form our opinions of what women's roles are in everything."

She continued by explaining that she has to speak out because she has a responsibility to make women's issues heard.

After Lily's interview was shared on Instagram, Richard proved he was unwilling to let the subject lie, taking to the comments section to describe the singer as a "trainwreck dressed as a hashtag".