Ariana Grande has poked fun at her signature hairstyle in a humorous TV sketch.

The God Is a Woman singer appeared in a segment which aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (05Sep18), where she was filmed chatting with host Jimmy backstage.

However, Ariana took the opportunity to make light of fan criticism of her favoured look - a very long ponytail - and after greeting the presenter, her hair was seen reaching out, opening the fridge and handing over a can of soda to him.

"Do you want a different drink?" Ariana deadpanned, to which Jimmy questioned, "No, this is great, but what's going on with the... (ponytail)?"

Before she could answer, Ariana sneezed and her "ponytail" helpfully handed her a tissue. And the scenario became even stranger when the puppet-like hair offered to sign a copy of the star's fourth studio album Sweetener as The Roots' frontman Questlove passed by the green room.

"Wait, wait. Ariana, when did this whole thing with your hair start?" the host asked, while Ariana responded, "I mean, I've always worn it in a ponytail."

But before she could explain any further, the conversation was interrupted by a woman screaming that her purse had been snatched. Ariana announced, "I've got this!" and her long tresses were depicted extending out, wrapping around the bag thief and tripping him over.

Once the purse was returned to the owner, Jimmy gave the "ponytail" a high five and concluded the sketch by taking a selfie with the 25-year-old and her mysterious hair.

"Another Great Hair Day #PoniesfLyfe," she captioned the Instagram post, much to the audience's amusement.