Andra is launching "Sudamericana", the hottest Latino song of the summer in collaboration with Pachanga, the internationally known band.

Andra, the most beloved artist in Romania, is releasing a Spanish song, "Sudamericana", along with Jay del Alma and MC Sesman, i.e. the Pachanga band. The Latino rappers have become extremely popular all over the world after the fulminant success of "Loco".
"Sudamericana" was composed by Mihai Constantin and by the Pachanga band members in the Andra Records studios whereas Andra was immediately caught by the rhythm and by the lyrics. The song speaks of a secret love, impossible to forget. As the lyrics also say, "There is no stronger love than a Latino woman’s" - "No hay amor como el de una latina". Alex Ceauşu directed the video for which they had shot 24 hours non stop.

"From the first listening I had the feeling that “Sudamericana” was a song that would get to the souls of the audience, that it would make everyone stand up; it has charm, especially if you have Latin blood. I really wanted Jay and Sesman to play the song with me, to mark it with the unmistakable reggaeton style", Andra said.

"We knew Andra, we love her music and her incredible voice, we think she has the perfect attitude for Latino, Reggaeton styles, you can tell she has Latin blood! We are glad to be part of this project and we hope that “Sudamericana” will beat the success of the Loco single", said Jay del Alma and MC Sesman.

Pachanga entered the European charts with the hit "Loco" in 2006. The success of this single, but also of "Close to you" and "Calienta" brought the members concerts around the world. Then there was a period when the two, Jay del Alma and Rico, focused on their solo careers. In 2015, the new Pachanga album appeared in the new formula, i.e. Jay del Alma and MC Sesman.

The song was produced by Andra Records in collaboration with Latin Entertainment.
The mix and master was made by Nacor Zuluaga Morelo. Nacor is mixing and mastering engineer from New York City. He won a Grammy Award nomination for Robin Schulz's remix of ‘ Waves’. Among other things, he works on recordings with some of today's greatest artists, such as 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Trey Songz, Probz, Talib Kweli, Passion Pit, Robin Schulz and FEDEZ.
Nacor fell in love with ‘Sudamericana’ from the first listen and was inspired to create the magic of the sound, printing his Latin roots.

This is not Andra’s first collaboration with international artists. The "Without You" single featuring David Bisbal, a Grammy Latino Prize winner, recorded a breaking record of views in Romania ever since it was launched and it has been successful in the charts both in the country and in the world.

Andra has a 17 year-old music career and has released 13 albums so far. She is a member in two of the most loved and most watched TV shows: “The Romania’s Got Talent” and “The Voice Kids”. She is one of the most watched artists on the social networks, with 3.48 million fans on Facebook and over 1 million on Instagram.

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