Nick Jonas isn't convinced he knows who he is yet.

The singer has achieved success in the music, film and television industries with an impressive career that's spanned a decade. But in spite of his years of experience, Nick is still conflicted over his current identity and what he wants from life going forward.

"I don’t think I’ve had that 'a ha' moment yet where I’ve gone, 'I know who I am! I know everything about myself or who I want to be'" he explained in an interview with the Metro. "I do know that I’ve had very character-building life experiences, some good and some bad and within all of it, I feel like it’s a slab of marble and chipping away at whatever the thing is underneath."

The Jealous hitmaker has resolved to "keep chipping away" and is hoping to eventually "evolve into the kind of person that is full of love and light and brings positivity into this world."

However, Nick, who found fame in the Jonas Brothers at the age of 15 with brothers Joe and Kevin, believes that the expectations heaped on him as a teen idol made his own self-perception even more challenging.

"(It built) up more insecurity because people can see me becoming the person I’m meant to be," the 25-year-old considered.

The musician recently achieved a new career milestone in writing his first song for a feature film, and his song Home - which was recorded for animated movie Ferdinand - earned him a Golden Globe nomination for his work.

"I thought it would be a good challenge," Nick smiled. "I was kind of nervous to play it for everybody because if I didn’t have it right I would have felt bummed, but they all loved it and here we are now."