Kelly Jones and the other members of The Stereophonics are among the guests on the latest episode of online music TV show Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV.

The latest episode of online music show ‘Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV’ premiers this week, featuring guest appearances from Stereophonics, The Vaccines, Shed 7, Cabbage, OTHERKIN, Ten Tonnes and more.

To support the launch of their new single ‘Taken A Tumble’ from the gold-certified album ‘Scream Above Sounds’ Welsh rockers Stereophonics sat down to chat about their career to date, up-coming festival appearances, the desire to remain relevant and taking new, emerging talent on tour.

Ahead of the band’s UK and Ireland area tour that will see them perform to 150,000 people, frontman Kelly Jones reflected on the rise of the band over the past two decades. He said: “It’s a good contrast to see from us packing up a yellow Maestro post office van to going on tour with six trucks and four buses full of people. I think that is definite progress… You do get a reminder of where it began and where it has got to.

Kelly continued: It [also] feels good to be as relevant as people on their first record or people on their second record, and we’re on our tenth [record]. [It is good to be relevant for] for people, of all ages, for guys and girls, coming to the shows. Tickets.

The band, which is set to headline TRSMT and new festival RiZE Festival, in Hylands Park, shared their ambitions ahead of these summer shows. Kelly Jones said: “It feels like a very appropriate time to be headlining a festival so we can go out and steal even more fans from other people. It’d be a really good summer.”

On the subject of the band’s rock n’ roll antics the indie icon Kelly Jones joked: “[Well] last night the halloumi saiad just went everywhere didn’t it [Kelly laughs and turns to his band mates]… It’s a bit different now, I suppose. We do six gigs in seven days and 27 songs a night, so it’s a lot more work since the days when we packed up our yellow [Maestro Post Office] van.”

The enduringly successful band will follow the tour by playing two huge summer stadium shows at Cardiff City and Wrexham’s football grounds, yet declared its desire to help new, emerging talent cut their teeth in the industry.

Kelly said: “It’ll always be about songwriting and stuff… [but] we always try to take new bands on the road. We currently have Ten Tonnes on the road now… Good music always comes through. You’ve got to keep plugging away somehow, whatever that way is these days, and do whatever is happening.”

The new episode – which is available to view below - is the latest instalment of Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV – a new music TV show for the digital age that still maintains all the unique charm and quirkiness that typified music TV shows back in their heyday. The show launched to much fanfare last year, with the first four episodes being viewed over half a million times online in 2017.

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