Meghan Trainor met her fiance a week after breaking down over her single status.

The 24-year-old is currently happily engaged to her boyfriend Daryl Sabara, 25, who she started dating in the summer of 2016. However, Meghan believes fate had a hand in kick-starting her relationship with the Spy Kids star, as she was in floods of tears over her stagnant love life just days before they shared their first date.

"I remember I was crying in an Uber on my way home. There was a scream and I thought 'Where is he? I know he's here,'" she recalled on British talk show Lorraine on Wednesday (07Mar18). "There's this saying that you speak to the universe and you get what you wish for. A week later my friend set me up on a blind date (with Darryl)."

The All About That Bass hitmaker has credited her fiance with helping her get through a period of intense anxiety following her second bout of vocal surgery in 2016, previously telling Billboard she "was sad that it happened again, because they (experts) tell you, 'You won't deal with this ever again', and then I did."

With Daryl's support, she started to look after herself both physically and mentally, and managed to lose 20 pounds in weight.

"I wasn't even trying to drop pounds," the popstar insisted. "I don't get the runners high. Some people have it but I just like eating better."

In spite of her new physique, Meghan is still concerned she could be a victim of unsolicited photoshopping, and reflected on the moment she realised she had been altered in the music video for her single Me Too without giving her permission.

"I looked at my video and thought 'My God it's on my videos' and thought, 'My God take it down,'" she explained.