Playmoboys is an indie rock band formed in 2009, influenced by Velvet Underground, The Cure, and The Smiths.

Playmoboys is formed by Conrado Muylaert (vocals and songwriter), L Barrets (drums), Leo Nominato(bass), Gabz Consolmano (guitar) and Thiago Flores (guitar).

These first three guys are from Brasil and the rest from London, where the band played gigs in last 2 years.

Playmoboys have amassed one million views on youtube and 200,000 on spotify, with many of our videoclips played on TV channels around the world.

2 albums released; many others singles; 5 videoclips, in 2013, Playmoboys played a gig with Carl Barat and Gary Powell from The Libertines.


Baby Theres No End

Playing a gig with Carl and Gary from The LIbertines

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