Sting has opened the doors of his Italian home to People magazine cameras after transforming the 16th century Tuscany ruin into a dream retreat.

The rocker and his wife Trudie Styler purchased the property in 1997 after a seven-year search for the perfect summer home near Pisa, but it was in a terrible state.

Il Palagio, which is located just outside Florence, had fallen into disrepair, but Sting was taken with the breathtaking views and decided the estate was worth investing in.

"It overlooks some of the most luscious Chiantishire hills," he tells the publication.

"The vineyards were in a big old mess," actress/producer Trudie adds. "The soil was parched, the land was very dry, but through it all we saw that it wanted to come back to life. It was desperate to be loved. We saw that it had a huge potential."

The couple invested time, effort and money in Il Palagio and now the estate boasts six guest houses, five lakes, a forest and even an outdoor cinema.

"One of my favourite activities is watching movies with the whole family," the Roxanne singer says. "We have a huge outdoor screen we call Cinema Paradiso... The whole estate has a benign, sweet energy about it."

The place also features an impressive wine cellar and a fountain that once belonged to Italian movie star Sophia Loren, according to People.

And when the couple isn't at home in Tuscany, Il Palaglio is rented out for weddings and other big events, while some lucky holiday makers have even had the chance to stay there on vacation.

Sting and Trudie also have homes in England and New York.