Britney Spears' manager insists there is no controversy over the star's scrapped Make Me music video - it just "didn't work".

The pop star released the first single from her new album this summer (16), and photo teasers of a David LaChapelle-directed promo were released online, including one snap she posted on Instagram featuring her handsome male extras.

But last month (16), the video was leaked on the Internet, and bosses at RCA Records released a statement saying it was "not a suitable representation of the song".

When the Make Me video was officially released, fans noted it was not the same one Britney had promoted earlier, and furthermore, videographer Randee St. Nicholas was credited as the director and not LaChapelle.

This prompted devotees to start a petition urging label bosses to release the original video, and the initiative garnered support from over 10,000 people around the world.

In addition, fans also concocted theories as to why Britney's team would release a new version, with some suggesting the promo was canned because the singer thought it was "too sexy".

Now Britney's longtime manager Larry Rudolph is seeking to end the drama, telling the Los Angeles Times there is simply no scandal to the matter.

"It's really simple. The video just didn't work," Rudolph says. "This is the first time we've reshot a video, and because it's Britney there are all kinds of conspiracies. Nobody is hiding anything."

LaChapelle previously worked with Britney on her Everytime video, but is also known for other promos like Christina Aguilera's sexually suggestive promo for Dirrty.