Sebastian Calleja, 19 year old singer from Qormi, after winning the OGAE Eurovision Weekend in
Berlin Germany in 2016 (last year), was invited as a guest star and to pass the trophy to this year’s

After performing with the Pinto Philarmonic Orchestra Band at the St. Sebastian Qormi feast with
popular artists like Ruslana and Claudia Faniello, the following day he flew to Berlin, as he was one of
the guest stars for the OGAE Eurovision Weekend in Berlin. For the pleasure of the fans he officially
launched the video of his new single ‘Escape’ with a live performance and also performed his last
year’s winning song ‘Golden Boy’. The new single ‘Escape’ can be found on most digital platforms
like iTunes music store, Amazon music, Spotify and all other major platforms.

Sebastian also performed a duet together with Glen Vella who was one of the presenters of the
show. Also part of the Maltese guest stars present during the event were Kurt Calleja and Claudia

Following the success of this event Sebastian was again invited to perform like last year at the
Eurovision Cruise between Helsinki Finland and Tallinn Estonia organized by OGAE Finland, but due
to other prior commitments he could not attend to this event.

Sebastian Calleja is one of the resident singers on the popular maltese program ‘Hadd Ghalik’ last 2
years and he was confirmed again this year to continue being one of the resident singers on the
program. His coach is Glen Vella from VocalBooth Studios who was the host of the event. Sebastian
is also many times invited to perform in local events, like ‘iljieli maltin’ or fundraising activities, the
latest being in taking part in the Easter pageant organized by the inmates of the Corrective Facility in
Kordin, where he was one of the actors of the pageant ‘Qawmien – Storja ta kull zmien’.

Music News Malta Editor -- Mr Joseph Portelli