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Bo Bruce 

Before I Sleep

added: 28 Apr 2013 // release date: 29 Apr 2013 // label: Mercury Records
reviewer: Will Whitby

Bo Bruce - Before I Sleep - Printable version
Ex-The Voice star Bo Bruce releases her debut album Before I Sleep on Mercury Records on April 29th

The world of the TV Ďtalentí shows is a mean place and the people who donít win usually donít fair that well when they leave without their dream. Bo Bruce missed out on the top spot of The Voice 2012 to Leanne Mitchel (what has she done lately?) and this ĎBefore I Sleepí is her much anticipated first album.

Known on the show for majestic singing the album follows suit and is basically 14 tracks of her warbling with an airy fairy background. Donít get me wrong she has a cracking voice but itís all the same, címon Bo give us some variation. However what we do hear is angelic to say the least, vocal melodies ring clear throughout like a wind through a flowery field and the harmonies she creates are top notch. Credit is most due however to her songwriting with songs seeming honest to the heart and poetic on touching subjects.

Only time will tell however if Bo will last. Will she go down to success like previous runners up JLS or Olly Murs? Or simply fade back away into normality like G4 or Gareth Gates? Overall this is a very credible first attempt for an album and well at least my mum likes it.

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3 stars

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