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Preview: Day Zero: Mayan End Of World Festival 

Day Zero: Mayan End Of World Festival - Dec 2012

added: 14 Nov 2012 // gig date: 14 Nov 2012
reviewer: Alasdair Byers

Preview: Day Zero: Mayan End Of World Festival - Day Zero: Mayan End Of World Festival - Dec 2012 - Printable version

Ancient-Civilisation themed parties often conjure up images of toga-clad Australians in Corfu throwing up Ouzo and setting fire to each other. However, one group of promoters has gone beyond the usual niche of bedsheet-no-pants parties and created something a bit more in line with how we all secretly hope the Ancients used to party.

Day Zero Festival, is a one day festival to be held on the 20th December at the Ancient Mayan temple site of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. The festival is set to climax on the 21st December 2012 at 0600: the Mayans forecasted end of the world .

The promoters have decided to rebrand the event as the beginning of a new world, so deadly nightshade, live ammunition and drunk-text-templates to exes are at this stage unnecessary. Whilst the jury is still out on whether or not the 21st December will see Earth drop into the sun, one guaranteed earthquake will arrive in the form of a stellar line up spearheaded by technoís leading outfit Crosstown Rebels. In fact, label head honcho Damian Lazarus actually conceived the entire event whilst on a beach near the Mayan site, on the grounds that he experienced a spiritual awakening from the ancient civilisation containing a distinct message that, having failed at global domination around four thousand years ago, the dead would now settle for a techno festival on their burial grounds.

Not wishing to be disrespectful, Damian has constructed a world-class line-up, including names like Jamie Jones, Trentemoller, Fur Coat, Art Department and UK festival-smashers Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs.

For those of you wanting to get a sense of what a party at the end of the world will sound like, Damianís put together a free mix featuring the artists involved available for download:

Tickets to the event can also be found on the Resident Advisor website

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