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added: 12 Dec 2012
interviewed by: Becky Talbot

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Averaging around 150 gigs a year and having recently moved from their hometown of Philadelphia to New York, Jukebox the Ghost have hardly had time to come up for air. The new album "Safe Travels" reflects the recent turbulence of their lives with an edgier sound but still being faithful to the cheery playfulness that epitomises Jukebox the Ghost. I caught up with them on the last night of their UK tour and although weathered and worn, the lads were in their usual cheeky mood.

Having performed on the late show with David Letterman and opening for Ben Folds, next on the hit list is the British festival season. Cheeky and energetic Ben Thornewill (pianos and vocals) would like all their fans to petition David Eavis - Glastonbury is, somewhat unsurprisingly, top of the list!

If nothing else, check out the Jukebox the Ghost Video Blog which demonstrates the band's cheeky and eccentric ways. Ben does an impressive English accent to a cat which clearly has roots in the old British aristocracy though sadly he doesn’t have the mansion to go with it. Surely such commitment to British culture alone is enough to warrant a festival spot.

Drummer Jesse Kristin (drums) shares his love of recent bands and the munching in the background is Tommy Siegel (guitars, vocals) rather enthusiastically devouring some
fish and chips before their performance at the Borderline in London.

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