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Jonathan Jeremiah 

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A Solitary Man—Jonathan Jeremiah

It is no surprise to note that Island have signed Londoner Jonathan Jeremiah, having previously taken on other hard to categorize artists such as Tom Waits, Nick Drake and John Martyn. Comparisons with Martyn are inevitable and not unfair but there is definitely room for a singer songwriter who can record personal, profound music without the “look at me” mentality.

From the albums title it is tempting to assume that it will be one man and a guitar for 11 tracks and potentially a little tedious, but the variation in styles from track to track, coupled with its top class infusion of strings and brass, really hold the attention. It says something of the quality of the tracks that the personal Happiness has been released as a single while there are other strong tracks like Heart of Stone and the blues influenced All the Man I’ll Ever Be that must have been contenders.

There is a very authentic sound to this production, like the artist is actually in the room with the other instrumentalists and is typified by See (It doesn’t bother me) which has a 70’s leaning.
Bits of everything, but the rich vocals and acoustic guitar of Jeremiah shine throughout.

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4 stars

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