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Awesome Science

added: 26 Jan 2013 // release date: 11 Feb 2013 // label: Brew Records
reviewer: Paul Chapinal

Humanfly - Awesome Science - Printable version
Theyíve been around for 12 years, consistently releasing solid interesting albums. Humanfly have developed from their early hardcore/punk attack, gradually honing their music, moving into more complex and experimental areas. With Awesome Science theyíve gone for it and this a full on progressive record in every sense.

Opening track Golden Arrows sets the standard for the album. The laidback, lapping intro, leads into a stonerish segment abruptly changes, taking us into jazzy territory, with some startling rhythms underpinning the guitars. A Majestic Story follows and is a more traditional quiet-loud prog-metal workout. The Apple That Never Fell is probably the most difficult track, as initially it just sounds ugly, and a barely comprehensible vocal doesnít help. But, patience rewards and it slowly gives up its treasures, the drumming in particular is exceptional. The funky Poetry of Light is a welcome relief and is a perfect lead in to the next track.

The Amour of Science, is where the bandís confidence and writing approach their zenith. Itís fifteen minutes of music, shifting effortlessly from all out hardcore, through jazz, psych, a touch of blues, and then onto another plain completely, thereís not a wasted minute or suspicion of padding. As complex as anything that the likes of Dream Theater or Mastodon have ever produced, the track is so well putogether and runs so fluidly that it holds the listenerís attention to the very end. Pity the final track, Frozen in Time, Billions of light Years Away, comes after this. Itís an excellent track but after the ever-shifting tectonics of AmourÖ itís a bit of an anti-climax.

From technical point of view, itís all come together for Humanfly: the musicianship is outstanding throughout; the production has captured their sound perfectly. There's barely anything wrong with this record, and should cement their reputation as one of the most interesting and innovative bands in the country.

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5 stars

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