Ray Charles alleged mistress claims to have stolen from him 

added: 24 Mar 2011 // by: Newsdesk 

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In a new book, Marci Soto claims she was Ray Charles' mistress and that she stole from the blind soul star.

Globe magazine obtained a copy of her new memoir, Ray & Me, wherein she claimed that she had a longtime affair with Charles, aborted his child, and stole money from him to pay off her house.

She claims that she replaced $100 notes with $1 notes after he came home with cash payments for concerts.

The fan, who was also married, wrote: "I certainly didn't feel like I was robbing the blind. I felt like he was ready to do something he should have done years earlier - pay off my house."

Soto claims that she and the singer had an on-and-off affair from 1968 all the way up to 1997, when she 'tired of his womanising ways'.

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