Keith Richards shot golf ball 

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Keith Richards shot a golf ball that landed on his breakfast with a pistol.
The incident is one of many bizarre tales in a new biography by Rolling Stones saxophone player Bobby Keys.
In an excerpt acquired by UK newspaper The Sun, the musician recalls how the band was staying in a hotel with a golf course during their tour in the 1990s.
Bobby went for a casual game but a poor stroke ended in a frightening confrontation with Keith after his golf ball splashed into the rocker's eggs Benedict.
'When I hit my ball it hooked into the trees, ricocheted ' and landed smack dab in the middle of his breakfast. So he shot it,' Bobby writes.
'He's standing there on his patio with a pistol in his hand and smoke coming out of the muzzle.'
Bobby remembers Keith glaring at him, holding a smoking shell of a golf ball. And he'll never forget the hard-partying rocker's final words of advice.
'He said: 'That's a ten-stroke f****** penalty, and if you ever do it again I'll do the same to you! You ruined my f****** breakfast!'
The Rolling Stones just wrapped their 50th Anniversary Tour.

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