Taylor Swift presented her Red Tour to London over the last two weeks. The O2 gave another dimension to her series of breathtaking concerts by dedicating a whole exhibition to the young artist. Miss Swift is now gone but the series of photographs is still available to her fans.

O2 Arena, on a Tuesday night. The heavy rain and the tube strike did not stop the waves of “Swifties” to come to the venue to cheer and greet their idol. Most of them have made some serious efforts by wearing crazy pyjamas, t-shirts with Taylor’s face and other lighted signs.

Opening for the pop sensation, the young British band “The Vamps” made quite an impression on the youngest fans. They had the whole arena happily singing “Cecilia” by Simon & Garfunkel for at least 5 minutes. After warming up the audience, they humbly left the stage to Taylor Swift.
At nine o’clock, she finally arrived, full of energy, bouncing around a stage lit exclusively in red. “But why red?” one could wonder. “Red is the colour that matches my emotions the best; the hate, the passion, love, lust, everything seems to relate to red”.
To the greatest pleasure of her fans, the artist interpreted her greatest hits: “You Belong With Me”, “22” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”.
Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer of The Script, joined Taylor on stage to sing a reprise of “Break Even”.

Whether you like her or not, it is impossible not to enjoy her concert: Taylor Swift is a real entertainer who communicates a lot with her audience, making it more intimate and emphasising the fact that we can relate to her lyrics.

If you have missed Taylor Swift, rejoice to the fact that you can still visit the exhibition held in the O2 own museum, the British Music Experience. You will have the chance to see some unique pictures taken on the last three tours of the young singer. You can see her evolution, from a country girl to a pop sensation, from small venues to stadiums. The photographer, Christie Goodwin, captured Taylor in her best moments on stage. You will also have the chance to admire some outfits and costumes, including a dress worn by the artist at the AMA’s.

The O2 made things big for the Red Tour, that is the least we can say!