So, I’m expecting stock Blues loaded with slide guitar and I get … funky soul Blues with horns and joi de vivre (and some Slide). What a belting album and completely unexpected!

This is the second album following on from 2012’s ‘Final Approach To Home’ which garnered some plaudits and superstar fans but it has a different feel to the debut – this is Rock/Blues in the classic style with all sorts of hints at the best of the 70’s bands but wrapped up in a sound all their own.

The band rock out with some aplomb – Rosco showing just how good an old-skool approach to guitar can be while Lee Wilson adds some great rolling organ. The rhythm section of Simon Gardiner and David Tettmar give the band a rock solid base and Andy Hayes guitar and mandolin give the sound some width – all told a classic format and they are quite unashamed in playing loud and proud.

There is still a place for this style of rock as seen on the constant repeats on BBC2 of Old Gray Whistle test performances and this stands, for me, alongside bands like Vinegar Joe and Slim Chance with no shame.

Grow your hair and dig out some loon pants – perfect music to go with them.