This is the third album from Texas duo The O's, who make a catchy blend of country-folk-pop. This release follows a UK tour supporting the re-formed Del Amitri, where they have picked up some rave reviews. Taylor Young and John Pedigo's first two albums are little-known here, but since 2009 they have been honing their sound with this more commercial release the result.

They are at their best on hometown celebration Dallas, where the banjo picking is interwoven delightfully with electric guitar, and the opening singalong Outlaw. They are more subtle on the moody Levee Breaks and You Are The Light, which recalls The Lumineers.

The likes of Go With Me and Running Games feel like songs that will work better in a live environment, while Kitty's rockier and edgy sound feels slightly out of place. With the aforementioned Lumineers slowly matching the kind of success of Mumford & Sons, now is good time for The O's to be exposed to a UK audience, and this album may win them a few extra followers.