The diamond has been unleashed…

Sasha Keable may well be one of the best female singers that I've heard and she's certainly no newcomer. Fresh out of the renowned Brit School, Keable was taken under the wing of Disturbing London Records; home to stars including Tinie Tempah, All About She and G FrSh. In the early days she was made brief appearances with Tinie on small stages and more recently she sang the guest vocals on Disclosure's hit ‘Voices’ which also took her onto their sell-out UK tour.

Today she plays at her very own headline gig at Dalston's Servant Jazz Quarters, which is only a stone's throw away from where she usually hangs out.

It is fair to say that only South London could produce a prodigy like Sasha. Growing up in the 90’s she has been influenced by the sounds of Wu Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill and Souls of Mischief. Miss Keable is a diamond in the rough; she is streetwise, outgoing and has a penchant for exploring the raving scene and nightlife in Brixton, Peckham and Shoreditch. She has been absorbing sounds from the city’s mixed airwaves from early and this has really shaped her as an artist. Catch Sasha on a day to day basis, it is guaranteed that she’d be rocking some form of denim (denim shorts in the freezing cold is not unusual for her), paired with a baggy t-shirt, fresh kicks and scraggly locks that have been unashamedly scraped up into a ponytail.

For the show however, she wears an all black sleeveless ensemble, revealing her lithe frame, blonde hair flowing straight down her back, nude lipstick and dark eyes and of course signature black Converse pumps. She looks beautiful as she takes to the stage, brightening up the dimly lit basement venue.

19-year old Keable treated us to some of her sensual tunes from her latest ‘Black Book’ EP. The opening track was a hot rendition of ‘Nice Side’, a song that we can all resonate with. It highlights a typical scenario where one is blinded by love. She sings, 'thought you could have been the one for a minute but you don’t know love when you’re in it’ is the simple, yet catchy chorus and the audience nodded and swayed along to it. Although almost everyone in the intimate crowd knew every single word to the song, the atmosphere remained serene; it was just a valuable moment where everyone stood back and truly connected with her as an artist.

She bantered, "If any of you know this one, it's about anxiety not a boy", before exploding into the track ‘Asking For More’. The bouncy backdrop combined with her honeyed vocals made this track one of the favourites of the night. It included a mash-up of Tupac’s ‘Do For Love’ which was a nice touch to the ending of the song.

After belting out a few more sensual lyrics teamed with woozy synths and pounding backdrops, she humbly thanked everyone including her live band that she used for the very first time. She then proceeded onto ‘Spoke to Myself’, which she claimed was very dear to her heart. She dedicated this song to her stepdad who sadly past away last year. You really heard the emotion pouring out, her ferocious yet otherworldly vocals layered gorgeously over the heavy bass backdrop.

Although a few thought that the encore would be ‘Voices’, Sasha did not pull any stunts that night. Her final song was the giddy ‘Careless Over You’, which currently has a carefree, fun video to accompany it.

The night saw a true, authentic talent appreciated under one roof. It was a night where each and every person in that room connected with Sasha and fell deeply in love with her. The sky is the limit for who? Not Sasha. For this young lady the sky is only the view!

Catch Sasha Keable on the Katy B tour this year and check out the video for 'Careless Over You' below...