Lloyd Cole has become a national institution. His gigs attended by an aging audience that remain loyal to the man, his words and his music. He still manages to tread that fine balance between mirth and melancholy with such grace and carry the listener on an emotionally charged journey punctuated with witty assertions.

He walks unassumingly on stage with his new band, The Leopards, these shows mark the first gigs Lloyd has played with a band since he hit the road with the re-formed Commotions in 2004 and it's a welcome return. Having just toured in his now customary solo acoustic guise Lloyd is able add all those extra elements that signify his sound.

Kicking off with 'Rattlesnakes' the audience head bobbing begins in earnest as Lloyd peals back the years to its 1984 inception, 30 years and still sounding as fresh as ever. A timeless classic, the first of many. 1991's 'Weeping Wine' follows with 'Sweetheart' from his 1990 solo debut taking up the slack.

The Libertinesque 'Opposites Day', 'Blue Like Mars' and 'Myrtle and Rose' all make an appearance from last year's critically acclaimed 'Standards' with Glasgow legend 'Fast' Mick Slaven and long time collaborator and 'Commotion' Blair Cowan making their mark.

Deep into the nights repertoire Lloyd comforts "Don't worry, I'm nearly finished... I've been nearly finished for years."

'Tried To Rock', 'Lost Weekend', 'No Blue Skies' and 'Like Lovers Do' were all highlights and when 'Forrest Fire' swept through the Shepherd's Bush audience knew the night had come to its conclusion.

With 12 studio albums under his belt including three with The Commotions and one with The Negatives Lloyd has lost none of his poetic prowess. And as he strides into the future with a glint in his eye reassuringly clutching his notepad and pen we can confidently suppose there's much more to come from that there Mr Cole.


Weeping Wine
Opposites Day
That's Alright
Perfect Blue
Another Lover
Blue Like Mars
Period Piece
Brand New Friend
Women’s Studies
Perfect Skin
Myrtle and Rose
My Alibi
Tried to Rock
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Lost Weekend
No Blue Skies
Jennifer She Said

Like Lovers Do
Forest Fire

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