One of the biggest stars of the 80s and 90s, Tina Turner's career has two very different phases. After success with husband Ike Turner in the 70s, a bitter divorce followed and later claims of domestic abuse by the singer in her autobiography. Only one song from her career with Ike is included here, the classic pop of River Deep Mountain High. It is almost apologetically positioned as the last track, meaning that the focus of this collection is on Turner's career mark two.

Struggling to make an impact since the break with her husband, Turner covered Al Green's Let's Stay Together in 1983 and the single was her first solo hit in the UK and US, and landed her an album deal. It was the spark she needed, and within a few years Turner was one of the world's biggest stars, winning Grammys for What's Love Got To Do With It (which is included here) and featuring in a memorable performance with Mick Jagger at Live Aid.

Between 1983 and the late 1990s Turner had a string of global hits, including I Don't Wanna Fight, The Best, When The Heartache Is Over and the excellent Private Dancer, and they are all included here. UK top ten single Missing You, a cover of the John Waite classic, is also here but is one of her weaker cover versions. Lesser known songs Falling and I Want You Near Me show how her sound was often 'of the time' by not ageing well, the latter sounding particularly tinnie.

Both those could have been left out for stronger UK hits or radio songs, like the sublime On Silent Wings featuring Sting, which would have fitted the Valentine mood perfectly. In recent years Turner has bothered the charts rarely, if at all, but this collections captures her pomp pretty well.