Taxman aka Dominic Tindill is a shining star on the RealPlayaz label roster. Brother of Original Sin and one half of G Dub, you’ll find his music as an essential in the record bag of any dnb DJ. Tracks like ‘Original Ninja’ firmly established him as an artist and can be heard on the dancefloor every weekend at the filthiest raves. 2014 looks to be a big year for Taxman, with the release of new single ‘Rebirth’ (which sees a guest vocal from Diane Charlemagne, who sang on Goldie’s ‘Inner City Life’) on 17th February and an album to follow shortly afterwards. Music News caught up with him for a chat.

Music News: Hi Taxman, how was your New Year?
Taxman: Hi....It wasn’t the best to be honest, New Year’s Eve midnight was spent at London Gateway Services sipping on a carton of Ribena and smoking a cigarette. Then I drove home and got drunk.

Music News: as an artist and producer, you seem to be constantly pushing the boundaries of dnb. Is this something intentional? And does 'rebirth' suggest you are moving in a different musical direction now?
Taxman: I wouldn’t really say I’m pushing the boundaries of dnb, i just like to try and make each track i write as individual sounding as possible. Original Ninja / My House / Cool it Judy / Rebirth are all basically dancefloor tunes, but they all have their own theme and mood. That’s the way I see it, anyway.
Rebirth is just a title really, it doesn’t really have a deeper meaning. I just liked the sound of it.

Music News: what's new in your set for 2014?
Taxman: My album of course, haha. I’ve got a lot of new music I’m looking forward to playing from new producers and old. And I like playing a few old favourites too…

Music News: how was working with Diane on the track?
Taxman: Working with Diane was great! I’ve never worked with a singer like Diane before so the whole experience was really exciting. Just sitting there in the studio listening to her sing was pretty special. She’s a very talented vocalist and an inspiration to work with.

Music News: the single has various mixes, is there a standout cut for you?
Taxman: the club mix was actually the original tune that I made, before it I thought about getting a vocalist on it. People always love the intro when I play it out and the drop always goes down well. i changed it on the second drop also to give it more in common with the full vocal mix. I love the full vocal mix but my favourite is the club mix as I think it has a bit of everything in it.

Music News: and finally (we had to ask), can you work out the VAT on a download purchase of your single?
Taxman: 20% obviously, ha!

Pre-order ‘Rebirth’ at or from download sites.