Emerging Canadian dance artist Isaac Basal got his first big break when he joined Karl Wolf on stage at his brother’s birthday. The encounter changed the young musician’s life and at only 15, he has worked with some impressive names in the business.

Basal is currently collaborating with award-winning producers, including star DJ MC Mario, Karl Wolf, JHennessey, Albert Chambers and rising rap star, muGz. Basal credits his encouraging family for his success and co-writes songs with his mother, Raquel Basal.

Music News recently caught up with the young artist to discuss his incredible journey thus far and the importance of being humble.

Music News - When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been a part of my life since the age of 8, whether it be listening to it or playing it. Pursuing a career in music seemed never crossed my mind until I performed Africa on stage with Karl Wolf at my brothers birthday party. This is when I decided to bring my passion for music to another level.

Music News - Which artists have influenced you?

I enjoy listening to many artists, some oldies such as the Beatles to the legend Michael Jackson to Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Karl Wolf..... I listen to pop/R&B in general.

Music News - Your “first break” came at your brother’s birthday party, when you joined R&B star Karl Wolf on stage. How did that experience shape your career?

That performance with Karl Wolf was an unbelievable experience all on its own! Not every one gets to perform a hit on stage with an artist and at such a young age, it was exciting and unforgettable moment. At the same time, it gave me a snippet of what it felt like to be on the other side of the stage....and I loved it. The performance gave me a clearer direction of where I wanted to go and that was to take my passion for music further.

Music News - You just released your debut dance-pop single No Other Girl; can you tell me about that?

No Other Girl, had a lot of positive feedback, which made the whole team and myself very happy. The song was written and produced by Albert Chambers, one of my producers. Being one of the first songs I recorded, it resonated with me and the project took off.

Music News - You’re currently collaborating with award-winning producers, including star DJ MC Mario, Karl Wolf, JHennessey, Albert Chambers and rising rap star, muGz. What can you tell me about that?

Lucky, lucky, lucky and lucky...working with all these people has always been a pleasure. MC Mario is an amazing DJ, he helped make the first song take off! Performing with Karl Wolf is what took me to another level; he is an amazing artist and a down to earth human being. He has been very supportive and we love having him in our lives. JHennessey is a wonderful talented producer and a pleasure to work with. We spend lots of late nights recording and playing with harmonies. He has gone above and beyond his job of producing my music. Albert Chambers has been there from the beginning; he produced that first single that hit the radio. I also work hard with my dancers. We all work with dancer and founder of 8count Steve Bolton, another awesome guy to work with. Mugz was introduced to us by JHennessey and came on to feature on one of my songs written by my mom and JH. He is an amazing rapper and writer! I have to say it was cool to have a live rapper with me in the studio. We treat our team like family and that's what it feels like working with all these producers.

Music News - I understand that you co-write some of your songs with your mother, Raquel Basal, can you tell me more about that?

My parents are the most dedicated and supportive parents anyone can ask for. My mom is not only my mom but also my friend; there are no words to express the feelings when we start writing. She is simply the best when we sit in the studio to write or whenever an idea crosses our minds. We just finished writing a song about my father and I’m sure people will connect the song to there loved ones. I get goose bumps every time I listen to it. The one thing I have to say is I LOVE YOU MOM you are a great inspiration to me.

Music News - What hurdles have you had to overcome to get to where you are today?

Having supportive parents makes the hurdles easy. I've also been surrounded by supportive people who believed in me and gave the privilege to perform. But, I do believe in working hard for what I want. I am a person who always sees the glass half full, and I hope I always go through life with that positive outlook because I believe that will take me where I want to be a lot easier. I have done lots of charity events and seeing some challenged people dance to my music during my performances is priceless, it makes them happy, it makes me happy and that's what music does. It is important to remember to keep it real and stay humble, I hope that will help me in future hurdles.

Music News - Anything you would like to share, from upcoming shows to albums?

This past year has been a great one; I want to thank all the people that supported me on and off the stage. One of the things I can share is that I love the rush I get at every event and every performance. We are currently working on my album, which should be out later this year. In the meanwhile my single Give It All is on the way and I'm so excited.

Check out Isaac Basal's website for more details: http://www.isaacbasal.com