The thing that leaps out at you from this mini-album is Jennie Delaney’s voice – she has more range and a more pure tone than almost any singer I’ve heard in the last year or so. And to cap that, it isn’t being wasted; she sings songs that suit her sound and stand up in their own right even without her delightful vocals.

Delaney is partnered here by Kirk Little and musically they sit in that wide form covered by ‘roots/Americana’ and with an almost folky air to some of the numbers and a Blues heart it is all so easy to listen to.

Kirk Little’s Guitar playing is simple but effective and his occasional mandolin gives a neat changeup to the sound.

‘In Spite Of You’ is a delightful number with some rich harmonies but held together by Jennie’s expressive but wistful vocal while opener ‘In My Mind’ is a powerful country rocker with a distinctly swampy feel – between the two you see the very different sides of Delaney and it isn’t easy to say which I would rather listen to (real answer is both!). ‘Almost Time’ is a lovely little piece of fluff, skipping along without a care and then leading into ‘Out of the Blue’ which takes the music back to ‘30’s style Blues.

The joy of this is that the seven tracks are all highly individual and all very good but there is a minor caveat in that it will not necessarily appeal to everyone who is rigid about the forms they enjoy.

Me, I am happy as a pig in mud – good songs played with simple skills and a voice to die for – more please.