The X Factor has seen 10 years of talent come and go but 2012 saw the most unique act take the winner's crown. James Arthur had a slight sob story but his vocal ability is what won him the competition.

St David’s Hall in Cardiff is playing host to James Arthur’s third date of his first UK tour this evening and arguably in an unusual venue for an upbeat artist such as James Arthur. The venue is normally used for spoken word shows or comedians, making it interesting to see how James Arthur will entertain a crowd in this allocated seated concert.

Kicking off the show is an artist who is tipped for big things Tich, bounding onto stage with a beaming smile before the crowd had even warmed up. Flaunting her quirky pop tracks including single Dumb, St David’s Hall filled up with a recital of every catchy lyric being presented to us which look set to remain in our heads for the foreseeable future. For a little lady, she surely does have a good set of lungs on her.

As the lights went down and the screams increased excitement began to build. With a full blown band, James Arthur appeared and kicked off the show with current single ‘You’re nobody till somebody loves you’ causing deafening screams amongst the audience. Tonight had well and truly started with a bang, and it looked set to get even better.

Despite the brilliance of the show, Arthur is not one for crowd banter; he preferred to let his vocals do the talking and undoubtedly showed why he dominated the X Factor. Performing a vast array of tracks from his debut’s albums release, it was clear to see that James Arthur managed to get the audience in the palm of his hands throughout his set.

After leaving the stage for a brief encore, James Arthur returned to perform his debut single ‘Impossible’ ending the night with the packed theatre singing back every single word like their life depended on it.
It can’t be taken for granted the emotions which music can cause people to feel, proved by tonight’s performance. Young, old, male, female; you name it, they’re here tonight, and despite what critics say about James Arthur, the young man clearly knows how to put on a show!