Italian singer Gala was just a teenager when she had a worldwide hit with Freed From Desire in 1996. Since then she has battled what she sees as a male dominated, sexist music industry - challenging stereotypes and fighting expectations about what female pop stars should be like.

Music-News caught up with Gala just after the snows hit New York, chatting in her Brooklyn apartment via Skype. Gala talks about her latest single Taste Of Me - and the stunning video that comes with it (see below).

But Gala is also fascinating on her views about pop music and the challenges artists - particularly female - still face in 2014.

Gala is also likely to perform in Sochi - ahead of the Winter Olympics next month. Russia has come under fire for anti-gay laws passed last year - with many people calling for a boycott of the Games. Gala, who has always described herself as bisexual, says that to challenge the views of Russia, you have to confront them and a boycott would be meaningless. She says she is prepared to perform in the country and show how powerful individual sexuality can be.

You can hear our interview here and also watch the video.