Domino have re-mastered and re-issued four classic albums by the Scottish post-punk collective, and it sounds as good and as fresh as ever. The four albums include their first album, 'You Can't Hide Your Love Forever', as well as the classic 'Rip It Up', 'Texas Fever' and the band's final album 'The Orange Juice.' The albums still exude the same eclectic and energetic early eighties sound they are famous for, but with a new sheen to it.

It has been said that bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Jesus and Mary Chain and Belle & Sebastian owe a lot to Orange Juice, and when you listen to these re-mastered editions, you can see how their influence lives on today. 'I Can't Help Myself' and 'L.O.V.E. Love' still sound incredibly innovative and creative. Many have said they were 'indie' before indie was even properly recognised, as they consistently pushed the boundaries and experimented with their sound and image, showing just how revolutionary these albums were for their time.

Domino are re-pressing the sold-out re-issues of the original albums on vinyl, but there will also be a parallel CD and digital editions made available as well. Each album with be partnered with the original lyric sheets and printed inner sleeves (apart from 'Texas Fever' which did not have one.) And to top it all off, the vinyl edition even comes with a complimentary download edition.

It is a collection full of gems and delights that will prove to be great collectors items for lifelong fans, but also provide a great starting point for anyone wanting to properly listen to their individual signature tight riffs and subtly provocative sound for the first time. They may not have got all the recognition they deserved at the time, but it can still be seen, over 30 years after their first album was released, that there is still much about Orange Juice to be celebrated.