Probably not the album if you want something you have never heard before but if you are a student (or a participant) of the Blues then this is an album that really delivers Chicago Blues.

It is bloody amazing to see that Savoy Brown have been treading the boards since 1965 – hopefully Ruf will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year – and in all the time I have known then they have been playing Chicago styled Blues honestly and with no shame about being white Brits.
This album definitely follows that path and Kim Simmonds guitar and vocals are a fresh and clean as ever.
“The band’s style has evolved in many directions, whilst always keeping the blues as its root,” says Kim of the Savoy Brown back catalogue. “Now we’ve come full circle. The songs and playing on this album are straightforward in focus and as basic as blues should be.”

You get songs about raunchy ladies – ‘Laura Lee’ as well as going back to your roots – ‘Nuthin’ Like The Blues’. The choogling boogie on the terrific ‘Cobra’ sees the rhythm section of Pat DeSalvo and Garner Grimms flat out behind Simmonds sharp-edged guitar.
‘Going To The Delta’ has a swampy edge to it and a slow boogie while Simmonds slide on the wistful ‘I Miss Your Love’ is as good as he has played for many years.

All told, this is up there with ‘Voodoo Moon’ as Savoy Brown at their best and if you are into classic Chicago Blues there are a hell of a lot worse examples than this.