The new album "Samson and Delilah" is not the sugar covered indie pop that VV Brown is known for. Her new work is intelligent, dark and full of industrial sounds. Think Kraftwerk and Gary Numan with videos more gothic than a Tim Burton movie. This is a concept album but don’t worry, it’s not a 1970’s prog rock attempt - it’s more like the darker, edgier cousin of Plan’s B "The Deformation Of Strickland Banks".

Most people remember her for the single "Shark in the Water" from the first album "Travelling Like The Light" and the infamous rolled fringe but there is much more to VV than her outrageous hair. Softly spoken and eloquent, VV spoke with determination about her new label YOY records and she seemed excited to have broken the shackles of a major record label. The original follow up to the first album was going to be "Lollipops and Politics" which was just Album #1 Mark 2 so was scrapped. Leaving her record label seems like the right move - this is exciting music with hard-hitting, deep vocals not unlike Grace Jones. The new album shows off collaborations with the likes of Dan Okumu who has worked with Jessie Ware and Ladyhawke.

VV Brown is an inspiring lady and also a fashionable one - her sustainable clothing range VV Vintage is one to watch in the industry. She is a great advert for her brand looking effortlessly cool and glamerous while talking to Music News at the Barfly. VV has also made her views on diversity in modelling abundantly clear in recent musings for the broadsheets - definitely worth a read. This clever lady also gives proceeds from her label to Oxfam.

Performing for Becks live at the Barfly in Camden, Music News chatted with VV about leaving her label, the beauty of beer and gigs and about having the artistic freedom she has always wanted.