The sensational Dora Martin formed when the talents of both Jermaine Riley and Cherri 'Cherri V' Voncelle fused together to create a perfectly matched, musical duo.

Jermaine and Cherri have both been in the music game for a number of years, with Jermaine once a member of FDM (formerly Fundamental 03) before focussing on his solo music and Cherri on a different path as part of girl group Trinity Stone. Having known each other for many years through the industry the pair began to realise how well suited they were on a musical level. With their careers running seemingly in parallel to one another, they decided to do something about it and so, Dora Martin was born.

They have just released their first ever musical offering as a duo, the 'Coalition' EP, and to launch it, they held an intimate gig at Apartment 58. As their stunning vocals filled the room, everyone went silent as they witnessed the Dora Martin magic.

The tracks from the EP are definitely something to get excited about, with the pair performing, 'Black History', 'Skyline', 'Blind Man Treasure' and my personal favourite, 'Soldier'.

The performance was mesmerising and Dora Martin's talent and personality combined can only leave you feeling good.

Be sure to grab your copy of the fantastic new EP 'Coalition' on iTunes.

Check out the video for the latest single 'Skyline' below...