“I wanted to capture the moments in between places,” says Helene Greenwood on her new album. “Whether they are beautiful, ugly or sensual. I want people to break out and enjoy the small things in life.”

The songs on 'Collectable You' will send you adrift a spiritual and ethereal cloud that will have you floating around for days. Her gentle voice carries you across warm waves that will envelope your soul and soften the hardest of hearts.

Produced by acclaimed folk producer Calum MaColl (Son of folk legends Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger) with Martyn Barker (Billy Bragg/Beth Gibbons) on drums, James Hallawell (The Waterboys) on keyboards and Arnulf Lindler (KT Tunstall) on bass, ‘Collectable You’ is a stunning mix of contemporary, alternative pop with shades of both folk and jazz. Influenced by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Radiohead and Fiona Apple, the album was written after the birth of Helene’s children and tackles what she calls ‘domestic claustrophobia.’

Opening track, ‘Break In, Break Out’ features lingering harmonies that explode into a soaring chorus. It’s worth checking out the video to this song with Helene doffing her hat to The Wizard of Oz.

‘After The Fire’ – a personal favourite of Helene’s, backed with raging drums and atmospheric baselines; the singer calls it her most moody song. “People become stuck in a routine and this song is about breaking out from that.”

Elsewhere infectious first single, ‘In The Sunshine’ echoes Regina Spektor with its melancholic vocals and soft piano backing. While Spindrift Road shows off an experimental instrumentation echoing Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits – the result of Helene going for a 60s influenced sound with jazz overtones.

‘Fools Rush In’, a song originally recorded by Frank Sinatra (among others) – Helene puts her own stamp on Sinatra’s original opting to strip it down and make it solely about the voice and message.

Born and raised in Dover, Helene grew up listening to her grandfather playing Scott Joplin & Bach, whilst her father played her the likes of Doris Day, Stranglers, Kate Bush & The Beatles. At the age of 6 she was already playing the piano, on which she continued to excel throughout school, before at 18 going to study at the Royal Academy of Music. After fine-tuning her technical ability she then enrolled in another course at Royal Holloway, where she developed her performance style.

An album full of courage, a big heart and will fill your brain, body and soul with loveliness and expel all the wickedness.