At the height of her YouTube fame, Emma Blackery has picked the perfect opportunity to release her latest EP. Distance, like many other EPs I’ve listened to, deals with issues such as love and relationships demonstrated in ‘Go the Distance’ and ‘Lies’. Blackery however is unique in tackling some tougher issues out there. ‘The Promise’ seems to address the issue of self-harm and depression with inspirational lyrics which I’m sure will be relatable to many people.

The EP as a whole is great. Blackery’s vocals are particularly strong as are the lyrics and stories within. Each track is very distinctive unlike many EPs, which can have songs that sound very samey. If Blackery intends to release a full album, this should be something she is aware of – but judging by the EP I don’t see this being much of a problem. Many have compared Blackery’s music and ‘Distance’ to Paramore, and I can definitely see where they’re coming from. Blackery however does have certain uniqueness about her, which is prevalent throughout her music.