3OH!3's playful sense of humor has always been matched by their tireless work ethic, both of which are at the forefront of the band's latest album OMENS. Like their self-released debut, their latest album was produced by the band and sees this duo further expanding on the musical motifs that have endeared them to fans worldwide, while simultaneously stretching forward to redefine what 3OH!3 represents today. Oh and don't worry, it will still make you dance.

Admittedly the process of making OMENS—which saw the band writing, recording, producing and mixing over 20 songs—was intense and unforgiving at times, but it allowed for a completely unfiltered snapshot of what Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte are capable of when it comes to ingenious wordplay, inventive beats and a one-of-a-kind sensibility that can turn everything from a V.I.P. nightclub to the main stage at the Warped Tour into an instant party.

Music-News.com caught up with Nathaniel Motte to find out more.

“How’s it going?”

It's going pretty well, thanks. I’m just finishing up a little medieval fantasy novel - you know how it is. How about you?

“Your new album, Omens, is out next month. Where did the title come from?”

When we were looking for a title for this record, we came upon "OMENS" and it made sense to us. I think each of these songs is, in a way, an OMEN. I would hope that they each carry a sense of something epic, foreboding, and, most importantly to us, fun.

“If you had to choose, what would be your favourite track from the new album?”

That's tough. We made this album in such an intensely personal way, kind of going back to how we made our first record in my basement in Colorado. We collaborated on a few tracks with some great friends, but the majority of the record is just Sean and I writing, engineering, producing, and mixing everything. It's hard to pick a favorite from there. I guess I am really excited for people to hear a track called "Black Hole.” It's pretty strange, hard, and fun - something that we strive for in a lot of our songs.

“You’ve had some great collaborations in the past (Ke$ha and Katy Perry). Is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with in the future?”

I would love to work with Seal. He's got the voice of an angel. Maybe for the Batman Forever Forever Forever, no for real Forever soundtrack.

“You’re playing the Vans Warped Tour this Summer. What can fans expect from a 3OH!3 live show?”

We've always held our live show paramount in what we do. We started playing shows pretty much right when we started making music and they really go hand in hand for us. We try to make our live show a whole lot of fun, make it big and nasty sounding, and keep expanding musically and visually as we continue to grow as a band. I guess we are less performers and more party maestros. We try to make everyone in attendance feel included in something that is less of a performance and more of some sort of crazy party!

“What have been your top two memorable moments while on tour, good or bad?”

Honestly, playing Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2009 and 2010 have to top the list of some incredible memories. Those festivals (and the UK music scene in general) are really wonderful for a band like us. I think peoples' musical tastes are more varied and open across genres and scene in the UK. And people fucking LOVE live music there. So, we feel especially akin to that.

"On a complete tangent, have you seen the Omen trilogy?"

I have not seen that. Should I?

"What do you predict in the future for 3OH!3"

The first band to perform in space, the first band to rock a show at the South Pole, the most requested band by aliens. We'll continue attempting to launch our male modeling/acting careers (hasn't been going so hot so far, but it's got to get better, right?!?!).

"We also publish Film News, if OMENS was a soundtrack to a film what film would it be?"

That's a good one. I'm gonna have to say The Fifth Element.