Even 30 odd years later these four sets bristle with danceable and excitable disco of the first water.

Brainstorm were one of the Studio 54 favorites and the ‘Stormin’ album captured them at their sassy best – as Belita Woods breaths out “I used to believe in the boogie but the boogie don’t believe in me” you can just see the glitter and the roller skating waiters, crackle in the air and up the many noses of the swarm who were dancing there 7 nights a week. ‘Waiting For Someone’ shows the soulful side and the sheer quality of the playing and singing is incredible. 9 original tracks that just defy you to sit still, dull and morose.

SOS Band were more of the hard funk side of disco with synths and 808 drum machines replacing the natural instrumentation of Brainstorm but ‘Good & Plenty’ is here along with the 12” version and once more these are dance classics that just cannot be ignored.

The image of Alexander O’Neal on the cover, standing by his white Merc and dressed in a 1000 dollar suit give a clue to the sumptuous nature. He had a wonderfully subtle voice when he was signed to Tabu in ’84 and the seductive and sweet nature of his R&B with all the sweeping synth and piano lines. For many he was the best of his form and the album is worth it just for ‘If You Were Here Tonight’ and the extended remix of ‘You Were Meant To Be My Lady (Not My Girl)’.

Finally you get Cherelle – hard funk with a little girl voice and all the tricks. Awesome version of ‘Ididn’t Mean To Turn You On’ – the original and the remix as well as ‘Like I Will’ with that voice sounding little girl and nasty and a mite deranged at the same time.

If you still have acces to your inner “Whoop Whoop” this is essential and the pick of them – Brainstorm – should be in every dance collection.