Succeeding Thirty Second Mars’ first single of 2013, Up In The Air, which turned everything Mars’ fans knew upside-down and divided opinions within the Echelon; Conquistador comes at a time where restoration of faith will lay all quarrels to rest. If there is one thing we should learn from these releases it is not to underestimate the malleable sound of Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Instantaneously introduced by the heavy drum beats of Shannon Leto, the song reflects Mars’ classic sound with a hint of evolution and wouldn’t seem out-of-place on their preceding album, This Is War, due to the continuation of the battle theme. Younger brother, Jared Leto, correspondingly pulls his weight with his clear intonation of highly memorable lyrics that are bound to penetrate your mind as his familiar raspy vocals belt out to stratospheric heights.

There is no doubt that trio Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milièeviæ have certainly got a festival-pleaser in their hands; featuring pre-recorded clapping of the audience, born to initiate crowd interaction and gang vocals to accommodate sing-alongs accompanying live performances – a forte which the band seem to excel at.

If the sounds of riffs, energetic drum beats and anthemic choruses fill you with ecstasy, then your ears will be pleasantly greeted by the second single of Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams - an album which you can buy in the UK as of the 20th May. As stated by its name, Conquistador is definitely going to conquer the charts and the hearts of the Echelon.