This is Americana; this is blues (despite what the title protests); this is rock n roll in its most…well…rock n roll-ingest form. Tom Dyer is a jiver and a one man orchestra who seems to be capable of playing every instrument around in a way that you’re probably not used to in the mainstream.

He provides the musical accompaniment to all his tracks singlehandedly. From basses, to keyboards and saxophones, to more obscure instruments like the bulbul tarang and the charango, the musician shows an undeniable talent for shaping out unbalanced and unorthodox melodies that leave a lasting impression on the listener.

It’s noticeable that his music has this tonally distracted brand; the kind you’d associate with a literal one-man band where a guy has to keep on top of several instruments at the same time, whilst still making sure that every note is accurate. Because of this, there are numerous inaccuracies that make his songs sound uniquely uncanny. The album is very alternative compared to the basis of many of the genres he is linked to. However, it’s hard to tell with this indie artist whether this is all a conscious effort to go against conventionality of musicality or if he is just a little (VERY) tone deaf.

The song ‘Pass The Jug’ is a particularly interesting instrumental that jingles with a very folksy inclination that takes ‘I Ain’t Blue Any More’ far away from its two-step rockabilly sensibilities. It sounds like the music to some kind of weird merry-go-round or a scene from a Rob Zombie horror, but it’s still as alluring as it is unnerving – all of his songs have this very same blueprint.

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to give this album three stars because I kind of get what Dyer is trying to do that’s different. I Ain’t Blue Any More suggests that the eclectic performer is either an alternative genius or completely not cut out for the music industry. You decide.