It may surprise you to know that The Lighthouse Family have sold over 20million records worldwide. So, no surprise that they reformed some years back, toured and decided to record an album. It was while the band were preparing to record, that singer Tunde Baiyewu decided that things weren’t working for him. So he stepped away from the band, retained control of his music and recorded this album. Quite a brave move, and for the most part it’s a success.

Taken collectively, opening track Move, followed by Blissful In No Time and then the title track, pretty much sum up the first part of the album. Baiyewu has a wonderful voice; the songs are rich in melodies, the harmonies sound effortless and they sound pretty damn good. But there’s charmless, MOR, soft-rock sheen about them, only made palatable because of Baiyewu’s soulful voice. Once past those three though the album does start to open up, and the ideas begin to flow.

Effigy’s offbeat rhythms, the sauntering Turn The Music On, and the Country tinged Fear and Fortune take the album in welcome different directions. The raindrop piano and vocal harmonies on the The Answer give it a slightly spectral feel. We’re All In This Together closes the album, on a spiritual note, with its sparse arrangements and instrumentation.

While Tunde Baiyewu’s vocals are at the album’s core: its never wanting and as mentioned, saves a few songs, credit also has to go to the top class musicians and singers he’s surrounded himself with. So, after a mediocre start this album develops into an absorbing, complex and very enjoyable piece of music.