For the past 3 years BBC Introducing have run special masterclasses for unsigned and undiscovered artists by offering them a chance to learn and get advice from high profile musicians and industry professionals.

On March 21st, the BBC Introducing Masterclasses hit 5 different cities and were full to the brim of passionate young rising stars. The London Masterclasses were held at the world famous Maida Vale Studios and boasted a day full of inspirational and motivating sessions for the young musicians.

The day kicked off with a live MC session hosted by Radio 1xtra's Charlie Sloth and featured two of the greatest UK rap talents, Wretch 32 and Devlin, which then led onto a conversation between MistaJam, Wretch 32 and Angel about their paths so far in the music industry. Finally to end the day, DJ Target sat down with a panel of industry experts including the 1xtra music manager, Laura Lukanz and Tinie Tempah's manager, Dumi Oburota, to discuss a range of topics that were brought to light in a recent BBC Introducing survey about the real struggles that upcoming musicians have.

Music News managed to grab Devlin for a quick chat where he filled us in on his own journey and how it all felt, 'the hardest thing about coming up in this industry was feeling alone... You know, when you start out and people laugh at you and thinking you'll never make it. It's all about defying the odds really, it feels lonely and it feels like you're not getting anywhere but you've just gotta prepare yourself and crack on'. Devlin, who's debut album, 'Bud, Sweat & Beers' was certified Gold after selling over 100,000 copies, is definitely no stranger to the struggle of rising to fame. Speaking of what he thinks of the BBC Introducing Masterclasses he told us he thinks its brilliant, 'I've been there you know, I've been in the underground. Any chance to shine and to stand up and show people what you can do is a good look so obviously I'm very supportive of that'.

Devlin's 'Top 3 Tip's' on making it in the music industry:
Be prepared to run through brick walls.
Don't ever let anyone change your mentality or get you down. People are just people, they have their own vision so make sure you stick to yours.
But... Be willing to take advice!

'A Moving Picture' is Devlin's recently released new album which features the likes of Wretch 32, Naughty Boy and Etta Bond. Speaking on the new album he says, 'Its brilliant, I love music and so to have stuff back in the charts and have new material to perform...its nice man, I'm excited. As far as bars go, the hidden track at the end of the album 'The Garden' is my favourite one on there but in terms of songs, its gotta be the one with Katy B, 'Sun Goes Down'.'

Devlin's latest album 'A Moving Picture' is out NOW so make sure you go and grab your copy now! To get yourself involved in BBC Introducing or to find out more about what happened at the masterclasses, click here.

Written By: @xoTashaa