‘Little Britain’ is the latest single from Newcastle band The Longsands and it’s taken from their debut album ‘Me In Spanish City’.

Musically anthemic and politically relevant- Little Britain is a concoction of stadia filling rock and brutally honest lyrics.

As a song musically it wouldn’t go a miss on a Springsteen album but in this instance the lyrics matter more. Words challenging government policies pasts and present that see the British people regulated and wrapped in red tape and feeling the financial pressures of the mistakes of others. If there was a single for modern change this would be it.

The video stars Howard Marks (at one point the UK’s most wanted man). He is quoted to say “The Longsands are fantastic. It’s refreshing to hear music that means so much to people nowadays. A truth that should be voiced.”

With a decent B-side in the form of An Affair In Manchester this band looks very promising for the future.