The Brit-turned-Swiss and Brazilian export heritage of this duo might sound diverse but collectively they bring together a history of colossal tunes for an impressive list of labels and they unite fans across Europe, South America and the rest of the world. Not to mention solid support from DJ pals Friction, Ed Rush, Optical and Realplayaz label boss DJ Hype. We caught up with them to find out about their new EP ‘Drop the Funk’ – out 25th February.

Music News: Tell us a bit about the tracks on the EP ...

Optiv and BTK : ‘Drop The Funk’ is the title track and was the first track we wrote for the E.P. We had great vocal sample saying “Drop The Funk” which we twisted up and turned into a rise FX and we based the tune around that, in fact we turned the main bass idea into a rise FX and combined it with the vocal.
‘Slander’was the same kind of process as Drop The Funk in the way that we started off with a vocal we recorded saying “Slander” and vibed the bass and beats around that. We were discussing how celebrities slag each other off in the media and decided “Slander” would be a good concept for a tune.
We are both big fans of gaming and ‘Hack And Slash’ refers to a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat. We already had an idea for a track in the studio and the term just seemed to sum it up.

MN: The video for ‘Drop the Funk’ features parkour runners – who came up with the concept for that one?

Optiv and BTK : We actually just left that up to Playaz (record label) and the director but we are very happy with the results.

MN: What tunes are you digging right now?

Optiv and BTK : We are feeling tracks by Audio, Memtrix and Hazard at the moment so you can hear those tracks in most of sets when you see us play.

MN: Where can we catch you both live?

Optiv and BTK : As well as playing all over Europe we are also part of the 15 years of Virus tour, we are now resident dj’s at the Hardware nights at Cable and hopefully ;) you will catch us again at the Playaz night at Fabric!!

Find out more at and watch the video on Youtube from 25th February