From bursting on the scene at the birth of Brit-Pop Stockport's finest Northern Uproar are back and recording their new album which sees the group team up once again with Pledge Music, catching up with Music-News Leon and Chris talk to us about the new album, looking back and plans for 2013... Northern Uproar's back, 5 yrs since your last release with the acoustic album 'Stand and Fight', is it good to be back making music with the band again?

Leon: It feels absolutely fantastic to be back recording in the studio , we've had loads of fun and it's all sounding really fresh , just got some mixing to do and it's finished , it hasn't took long as we've spent the last year writing and rehearsing, the album title is not decided yet.

MN: The album has been produced through Pledge Music which is the bands 2nd release with them, how does Pledge Music work and how did the band initially get together with them?

Chris: Well the basic premise is that that the fans pledge an amount of money for the album and it means we don't have to work with a record company. 'Direct to fan music' platform is the term . It's much more personal and lets us know who's out there wanting to hear our stuff. We enjoyed the process with the live acoustic album, so we decided we'd work with Pledge music again on this one.

MN: So how does the album sound, I've read it has a 'heavy feel' with a few acoustic songs on there as well?

Leon: it sounds, yeah, 'heavy feel ' that would describe two thirds of it, pretty raw, all of us playing in a room, then there's a few that we got the acoustics out on for a bit of light and shade

Chris:It feels like a a strong album to us ,all killer, no filler, we had 40 songs to go at. So plenty of choice, our producer Chris Hamilton has brought a really fresh sound to it all

MN: How about influences on the album, and how would you say you've all changed musically?

Leon: Well I listen to all sorts, we've grown up a bit musically, it's not that it's so different to the old stuff but we do it better. I also listen to a lot of Latin music and play it too and a bit of that has crept onto the album. It was great to see The Stone Roses last year, we've always loved them, Rolling Stones are a big favourite in the band and Jeff loves Guns'n'Roses

Chris :It's just a melting pot really , and it sounds like us !

MN: Thinking back to the early tunes like 'living it up' and Town' they were about growing up and getting out, but your older and wiser now so what are you saying when you write these days?

Chris: There's still a lot of stuff about getting out, getting away from the rat race and that kind of thing, but as you say we're older and wiser so it's maybe a bit more world weary, still a lot of optimism though

Leon: There's a song on there about going back to Spain which I do quite a lot, and a few 'lets go out and get smashed' type songs ha ha.

MN: Checking the album out on line and the whole project around it, it seems to of had much support by music fans generally as well as Northern Uproar fans. Young people who weren't about when you first came out that are digging the band and the songs now, that must be a bit of a buzz, how does that feel?

Leon: it feels great, makes us proud

Chris:The response has been great, you don't know until you try. People have definitely got behind us and that is the only reason we can make the album, simple as that .

MN: Pledge Music sounds quite revolutionary in terms of making and releasing music, along with the use of the Internet the music industry has changed so much since Northern Uproar first appeared?

Chris: Well, you work with whats there, but the less layers between the band and the people that want the music the better ..

Leon:There was and is a lot of bullshit being talked by people in the music industry ha ha , that won't change !

MN: I remember seeing Northern Uproar on Top of the Pops with 'From a Window' which was the tune that got me into the band, when you look back now whats your memories on it all like, stand out moments looking back?

Leon: They were great days, lots of people have told me they formed a band after seeing us on Top of the Pops, we did some amazing things and saw the world and we were just kids really. Going to Japan twice was mind blowing at that stage, and to many amazing gigs to name.

Chris: I remember playing T in the park with the band, around 10,000 watching us and I was 15 .. I was shitting myself ! hard to forget something like that .

MN: So regarding shows and gigs this yr where will you be playing, you supported The Coral with Stand and Fight and played a selection of gigs and shows in Spain where I understand Leon spent time living, will we see you doing something similar this year?

Leon : Yeah they'll be plenty of shows plus we like playing acoustic shows too. We did a small tour in Italy last year that went great so we'll see where we get to.

Chris: Soon as the album is out we will be out playing it - wherever we are asked .

MN: And whats it like coming back to the razzmatazz of the music industry again, whats the best thing about being in the band and releasing music again?

Leon: The best things are without a doubt having a laugh with your mates, and the funny things that happen. Hearing the tunes back in the studio is always a buzz and playing live, when it all comes together nothing comes near it ..

Chris: Yes for sure, I agree with Leon. Laughs, tunes, being creative, you've gotta make your own fun in this life and never be told you can't !

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