Despite Four being release in the summer of 2012, there was a gap of over 6 months between the release of their first single ‘Octopus’ and Truth. Bloc Party fans have certainly had a long time to wait for the second single but there is no doubt that it is worth the wait!

From the word go, you can sense the level of emotion from lead singer Kele Okereke’s voice with the guitar cleverly building up in the background. Truth shows that simplicity highlights brilliance in the best way. Theres nothing too extraordinary about the guitarring or even the drums for that matter but still, the carefully chosen lyrics and switching between lead and backing vocals works masterfully....Which is no real surprise when you consider who you're listening too!

Being one of the calmest songs on the back to basics album, Truth may be hidden amongst loud and fast guitar riffs, but certainly does not suffer in its quality!