Not quite Valentines Day but tonight Nerina pallot was in that mood - sort of – interrupting the recording of her new alum to perform her Lonely Valentines Club EP.

On first was an acoustic session by Bright Light, Bright Light – or tonight Rod Thomas – better known for more synthetic sounds. With only a piano he played a set of songs that went down well and showed another side of the singer that may be worth further exploration.

On her own, with minimal lighting and just a guitar and piano for company, Nerina Pallot looked a little exposed but it was soon clear that this was going to be a special evening. Opening with Once, and playing most of the new EP, the songs were strong enough to survive their de-sinuation. It also let her voice soar, and show how versatile it really is. The cover of Ce Ce Peniston’s Finally was a special moment for Ms Pallot, if maybe not the rest of us.

The mood was in the main introspective but never felt self-pitying in fact what shone out was what an engaging personality Ms Pallot has. Many of the songs were trailed by a story. Some funny, some bitter(sweet) and she was not afraid to admit to being in the wrong, sometimes. Tales of failing relationships, unrequited love and true love were introduced with sincerity, humour and some self-deprecation.

Contrasting with the most of rest of the set,there was a savage version of Everybody’s Gone to War, that while slightly incongruous acted a sorbet, before the rest of the set, which included a rollicking version of Geek Love The main set ended with the bedsit tones of Love is an Unmade bed and the more upbeat Put Your Hands Up.

Flitting between piano and guitar, Nerina Pallot was a charming performer that perfectly complemented the lovely venue, and created a genuinely warm atmosphere.