Foals, a 5 piece band hailing from Oxford, are led by eccentric front man Yannis Philippakis who like most modern front men, generally is not afraid to express his opinion!

Holy Fire begins with a lovely introductory ballad ‘Prelude’ which offers a taste of things to come. This leads into the first single ‘Inhaler’. Inhaler begins with a rather funky beat (classic Red hot chilli peppers/Stone Roses) before the lyrics subtly kick in. The track livens up quickly with heavy guitaring leading the way throughout the middle of the song.

‘My Number’, the second single of the album, follows inhaler in order but not in style. My Number offers remiscants of Friendly Fires has a happy go lucky beat which uses more than your standard instruments. The chorus leading with ‘You don’t have my number’ is extremely catchy and easy to see why it was chosen as the second single.

Holy Fire is so much more than a couple of singles. The album whilst mostly mellow, does offer a mixture of different tempos (Providence and Milk and Black Spiders come to mind when referring to the faster paced tracks).

Holy Fire is such an easy listen and is one of the most complete albums of the year….