Lower Than Atlantis are one of the UK's hot prospects on the rock scene. They're currently promoting their latest album 'Changing Tune' on a UK tour with All Time Low. We caught up with bassist Dec Hart before they played in Manchester.

Music News: You've just kicked off your tour with All Time Low, how was the first show in Birmingham?

Dec Hart: It was sick, the show was all sold out and it was in Birmingham Academy which we'd never played before. It was cool to play to a new place and win over new fans which was the whole point of this tour, a few people knew us though so it was good.

Music News: Once you wrap up this tour you'll be hitting the road again for a headline run, how will you be mixing it up for fans that caught you on this tour too?

Dec: We only have a 45 minute set on this tour so we have to try and cram as much of LTA in that time as we physically can. When we're on the headline run we'll have much longer and can play more songs, with it being a headline tour we can also play our older songs.

Music News: You'll also be playing your first European headlining tour soon, are you stoked for that?

Dec: Defintely. We've been to Europe loads of times but only supporting other bands so to go on our headliner is sort of the next step for the band. We did a UK headline tour a year ago for the first time and they were the same size venues as the Europe ones will be so maybe in six months we'll go back and do another one.

Music News: It's pretty much a year to the date that Lower Than Atlantis signed to Island Records, how have things changed since you signed to a major label?

Dec: We've got loads of money! (laughs) No it's just really cool to have some care about your band and put money into it to help with the things that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. We had no money at all to function before. We paid for press and a radio plugger out of our own pocket, our label literally paid for the record and that was it. But now it's cool to actually have all different bases for us.

Music News: You've been playing a lot of support gigs lately, who have been the biggest band for you to tour with personally?

Dec: For me the career defining moment was playing with Blink 182. It was the biggest thing we'd ever got and they're in the bucket list of bands that you want to support, they're right up the top of that.

Music News: According to the bands Facebook page, you been working on demos, how far along are they?

Dec: We're constantly working on demos whether we're going to record them in a year or two years time, they're sounding pretty basic at the moment so it's nothing to shout about just yet. We're not going to be going into the studio next week or anything but it's coming together nicely.

Music News: The music video for 'Go On Strike' recently, was it as fun to make as it looks?

Dec: Yeah because that was the first performance video we've done since 'Beech Like The Tree' which is off our old record. Lately all of our videos have been "acting" based stuff or we weren't even in them so it was good to actually come back and do some performing because that's what we do at the end of the day, we're a band.

Music News: On your Changing Tune there's a track called 'I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves', what songs really annoy you?

Dec: I dunno, listening to the radio there's a lot of annoying songs .....wait we're on the radio so maybe it's our songs that annoy other people! Maybe that's what the song is about.

Music News: What are your plans for the rest of the tour?

Dec: I'm going to go out and play some rocks songs with my other three band mates. I don't think we'll have much time to do anything else. Today we really wanted to go to Salford Lads Club and get pictures outside there but we just don't have time.

Music News: Any goals for 2013?

Dec: Hopefully we'll sell out the next tour and then take it over to Europe and hopefully America to keep spreading the LTA word.

Lower Than Atlantis are currently on tour with All Time Low. Their latest album 'Changing Tune' is out now on Island Records