Tunde Baiyewu, frontman of the The Lighthouse Family, has a new solo project in the offing “Diamond in a Rock”. Best known for his hits "Ocean Drive" and "Lifted" and having achieved sales in excess of 20 million records, Tunde is glad to be back after an 8 year hiatus to show off his latest material. Recorded in Portland Oregon, Tunde says this album is about love in its truest sense and shows him as musician at his best.

The title of the album "Diamond in a Rock” comes from Tunde’s analogy for life “it can be hard, it can be rough, it can be difficult, but if you look closely and give it a bit of time something of value usually pops out”. The new album includes Tunde’s soul sound however has more indie tones than usual due to his collaboration with various artists when he was out in America. The album will be released at the same time as the new single “Move” on March 4th. The single “Move” is about focusing on others so that you can open your heart more and being aware and compassionate to others.

Excited about his new album, Tunde spoke to me about how this will win over new fans but that there is still enough in there for The Lighthouse Family diehards. He also talks about the creativity of Portland, how he wasn’t brave enough to get himself a tattoo and what lies ahead in 2013. Click on the link below to hear the interview in full.